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next125 is an international Red Dot Award winner for its innovative kitchen design. If you intend your new kitchen to be a statement, then next125 are the brand for you. True leaders when comes to innovation and standards.

With a range of systems and handle types that allow you to wall hang your kitchen and bring a linear fluid design that astounds. next125 is truly unlimited, whether your new kitchen is for a converted barn, city apartment or a family home, you can rest assured that German Kitchen Studio have the product and expertise to delight you.


Items, surfaces and even the beautiful details – such as the lava black inner body or the extra-thin worktop – create an astonishing individuality, thanks to the variety of possible combinations. next125 therefore makes it possible to come up with new ideas again and again, and to innovate when creating your own kitchen in terms of material, shape, colour and elements.


As with the Bauhaus concept, next125 focuses on the essential: authentic materials and a timeless design combine to create effectively purist and functional kitchens.


Thanks to the cubist design, the clear style and the carcase system, next125 kitchens are extremely flexible in planning. The form radiates calmness and structure and helps to develop the kitchen to transform from a workspace into the heart of the home.

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