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Siemens StudioLine Kitchen Appliances Fife

The inspiring studioLine range combines extraordinary design and a unique style. studioLine appliances are more than just highly functional equipment – they form part of an ambitious lifestyle and an expression of individuality. Siemens studioLine appliances are created for those who are not satisfied with the ordinary and want to turn every day into something extraordinary.

With a range of systems and handle types that allow you to wall hang your kitchen and bring a linear fluid design that astounds. next125 is truly unlimited, whether your new kitchen is for a converted barn, city apartment or a family home, you can rest assured that German Kitchen Studio have the product and expertise to delight you.

We are an IQ Design Studio

What does it mean to be an official iQ Studio? 

Well it means we can offer our customers access to the premium iQ models from the Siemens kitchen appliance range. We are certified by Siemens as superior kitchen designers for the correct integration of their appliances.

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Looking for new kitchen appliances? Please get in touch as we can offer competitive prices direct on Siemens appliances.

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