Schuller are a family owned company based in South Germany. The way they make kitchens differs vastly from most of their competitors.

The conventional way of building kitchens is to make 1000’s of standard units and sell them to a distributor. The distributor then sells them to kitchen retailers. This is fine but when the kitchen is made the manufacturer will have no idea how the unit will be used in the design. If anything needs to be tailored to fit it must be done on site by a kitchen fitter.

The Schuller way is to build every kitchen to the specific design supplied by us. Units can be made the way you want them so that fitting is straight-forward. Many more options exist that couldn’t be offered using the conventional business model described above. Options include multiple unit heights and sizes, variable plinth heights, variable worktop heights and more besides. The kitchen units are supplied fully constructed with doors and drawer fronts fitted so fitting tends to be quicker.

This is all made possible by a high tech factory in which many millions of Euros have been invested. Around 400 kitchens a day are built in the factory and loaded for delivery on the day of manufacture onto a fleet of trucks which cover the whole of Europe.

This benefits YOU because no distributor is involved (saving you money) and you get far more choice than you would with a ‘standard’ kitchen.


There are two ranges from Schuller:

The Schuller creative range is extensive and great value. Most doors can be supplied with or without handles.

The Schuller Next125 range is designed to compete with Poggenpohl and Siematic in terms of design features, style and quality but at a very competitive price.  It has dust seals on all cabinets, even more choice of unit heights, and options such as electronic door and drawer opening. The ‘Flush fit’ range has units available to completely hide your ovens when not in use, and there are other tall unit options with doors that slide sideways rather than out into the room.

There are also wall mounted kitchen cabinets available that have no plinth and ‘float’ above the floor creating an amazingly spacious effect.

There is also a coordinating range of superb quality kitchen tables and chairs and bars in the Next125 range to complete the designer look.

The ethos is ‘High End Design – Small price’.