Introducing the Siemens Induction Hob

We have decided to demonstrate one of the appliances we have on offer at German Kitchen Studio because every time we demonstrate this to our customers they GASP!

I suppose we take the amazing induction technology for granted as we are surrounded by it everyday but to you, the public, it is rather impressive how efficiently the Siemens Induction Hob can boil up water and then remove the heat from the hob without burning even a paper towel!

Hardly any of the heat is lost to the hob plate meaning the job of heating something on top is a much more efficient process.

We don’t need to tell you about the safety benefits of a hob that retains no heat, nor that you are able use your electricity more sparingly, but one of the practical benefits is – when your done cooking your bolognaise and you’ve split a bit over the edge, it doesn’t get baked on to the surface, meaning cleaning your hob with scourers and Mr Muscle are a thing of the past !

Give this 2 minute video a chance and we promise you will GASP like the rest of our happy customers !

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